At Sofia University, we know that knowledge is power. The more relevant and practical training you have in your field equals greater value toward job success or your next level career pursuits. In today’s world, not everyone has the time or money to invest in a full degree program.  Our certificate programs offer the value and practical skill sets needed to help you move forward to greater career success for a lower investment of time. All certificate courses are master level courses from our Masters in Science in Computer Science or Masters in Business Administration programs.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Apply Here
- Artificial Intelligence
- Machine Learning
- Business Intelligence
- Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
- Information Retrieval and Web Search
- Intelligent Wearable Device
- Bio-feedbacks Reflection

2. CISSP Training Program - Apply Here

- Security Management Practices
- Security Architecture and Models
- Assess Control Systems and Methodology
- Application Development Security
- Operations Security
- Physical Security
- Cryptography
- Telecommunications, Network and Internet Security
- Business Continuity Planning
- Law, Investigations and Ethics

3. Data & Business Analytics - Apply Here

- Business Statistics and Probability
- Data Mining and Business Intelligence
- Time Series and Forecasting Analysis
- Quantitative modeling for Business Decisions
- Learning Business Statistics with SPSS, R, or SAS/JMP
- SAS Certified Statistical Business Analyst
- SPSS Certified Modeler Data Analyst

4. General Management - Apply Here

- Principles of Management
- Statistics and Management Science
- Business Process Management
- Production, Project, and Operations Management
- Analytical Decision Making and Strategic Management
- Management and Leadership of Organizational Culture and Behavior Changes

5. Human Computer Interaction - Apply Here
- User Interface Design and Implementation for Wellbeing
- User Centered Research and Evaluation
- HCI in Ubiquitous Computing
- Application of Cognitive Science
- Usable Security and Privacy

6.  Internet Marketing - Apply Here

- Marketing research
- Learning Quantitative Marketing with SPSS Modeler Software
- Customer Relationship Management
- ERP and Supply Chain Management
- Supplier/Customer Management
- Data Mining techniques and applications in Marketing Analytics

7. Software Engineering  - Apply Here

- Software Engineering Introduction
- Software Development Process Management
- Design for Software
- ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer (3-5 yrs working experience)
- Software Requirements Engineering
- Agile and Scrum Software Project Management