The  Transpersonal Studies Certificate  is a 12-month, 23-unit program that offers a theoretical foundation in the philosophies, practices and embodiment of transpersonal and spiritual psychology. Students who have registered for this program will receive a Certificate in Transpersonal Studies upon completion of their required courses.  This also fulfills the requirements for the first year of study for the Global Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology degree.

Program Goals and Outcomes

  1. Provide a general background in the theories and practices of transpersonal and spiritual psychology.
  2. Provide opportunities for students to cultivate and practice transpersonal qualities throughout daily life.
  3. Prepare students to apply theories, principles and practices of transpersonal and spiritual psychology in their personal and professional lives.
  4. Provide experiences for students to embody their learning, wisdom, health and wholeness using multiple ways of knowing.
  5. Encourage students to appreciate and embrace world wisdom approaches, diversity, and ecological consciousness.


The Certificate program contains 23.0 units of course-work and is designed to be completed in one year. Eligible students may apply for advancement into the Global Master’s Program upon completion of the Certificate.  Please contact the Admissions Office for further details.

Academic Calendar

There is one six week course in the summer term, two six week courses in the autumn term, one six week course in the winter term, and two six week courses in the spring term. Specific dates of the courses in each term are available on the Institute’s website in the academic calendar.


Students in the Certificate of Transpersonal Studies program are required to attend three seminars.

Our six or seven day seminars provide students with opportunities to get to know classmates, the faculty and staff, and learn about key aspects of the program. Presentations by prominent transpersonal speakers are interspersed with meditation, movement, body awareness processes, group interaction, creative expression, and ritual. Courses begin at the seminar.

Seminars take place at retreat centers in California as we find these environments deeply representative of our transpersonal education.

Attendance at seminars is required. Successful completion of the seminar is a prerequisite for entering the first year of study.

Learning Communities

Courses are designed as a transformative journey that includes experiential learning, integration, transformation, spiritual disciplines, creative expression, embodiment and application of transpersonal education. Faculty members facilitate person-centered instruction in a dynamic online format. There is a high level of group sharing, participatory learning, and shared experiences.

Students learn within a close learning community. The students and faculty in the learning community support one another’s learning and transformation.

CANVAS Learning Management Systems – Our Virtual Campus and Classrooms

Online Programs use the CANVAS Learning Management System (LMS) for all online classes. Students unfamiliar with online learning environments will receive CANVAS training either at their opening seminar or online. Technical support and additional training will also be available to students throughout their time in the program.

This online environment provides threaded discussions, community groups, an online journal, integrated email, virtual office hours, desktop sharing, chat and instant messaging, podcasting, wikis, and blogs.

Faculty, and Academic Advisors

Students work closely with members of the Global Master’s faculty. Faculty members are uniquely qualified to teach and facilitate transpersonal learning and personal processes, to encourage creativity, spiritual practice, and authentic response to assignments. They have advanced degrees in transpersonal psychology, spiritual psychology, or related areas and understand the nuances of experiential, whole person learning. They value authentic voice and ways of being. Our Global Master’s faculty members guide students as they integrate transpersonal experiences and practices into their personal and professional lives.

Students are assigned a Faculty Advisor who guides and mentors them through their educational journey. The Faculty Advisor is an important part of the student’s experience and plays a central role in helping each student to find meaning and relevance in their transpersonal education. We encourage students to get to know their advisor.


Our courses are designed and taught by educators who value the integration of spirit, body and mind and who appreciate diverse perspectives and multiple ways of learning. They are grounded in transformative and transpersonal learning.

Course range from 2.0 to 4.0 units and require approximately 9 – 12 hours of study per week to be completed in 1 academic quarter.  In the spirit of cooperative learning, completed assignments, discussions, and shared assignments are posted in the virtual classroom.  Students have the option to share privately if they feel an assignment is too personal.

Courses include:

  • 3 seminars
  • Embodied Spirituality
  • Introduction to Transpersonal Studies
  • Transpersonal Approaches to Creative Expression
  • Theories of Personality
  • Spiritual Development Across the Lifespan
  • Elective or Positive Psychology
  • Self Reflection Paper